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Since its launch in 1995, Information Age has been regarded as one of the most respected technology titles in the B2B realm. More than 20 years on from its inception, the publication stands as the UK’s number one business-technology magazine, holding a strong influence over its prestigious readership of IT leaders.



Information Age Magazine July 2017 features

Business Transformation: Digital transformation, with the right technology and people in place, can transform a business from a caterpillar to a butterfly
Also in this issue:
  • Top ten digital trends: Information Age identifies the top ten digital trends facing the enterprise, including 5G, virtual reality and AI
  • Britains digital hole: How can businesses ensure they get the right talent to successfully navigate the digital landscape?
  • Greggs bakes in transformation: Bakery chain Greggs nears the end of a digital transformation that will arm its fight in the competitive food-on-the-go market
  • Surviving digital: Digital transformation is now a CEO priority because it is a matter of surviving in an increasingly competitive environment
  • Culture clash: Cultural issues are the biggest obstacle to digital transformation as the digital cultural divide widens by 7% in six years