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The What Investment Digital Issue is the premier magazine in electronic format in the UK for private investors, exploring opportunities across the market, seeking out the best funds, shares and ideas. We also look at the latest trends in wealth management and tax planning to give our readers a unique perspective in a fast moving world.



What Investment is committed to exploring the best opportunities in the investment trust market. Investment Trusts are covered in every edition of the What Investment Digital Issue, and in alternate months we delve into the best opportunities in our special investment trust section.

We’ll help you:

  • Grow your pension pot by making the right choices now
  • Invest for long-term growth, or for regular income
  • Monitor the best-performing funds and investment trusts
  • Pick the most promising shares for income and growth potential
  • Assess alternative investment opportunities, such as property or commodities
  • Steer clear of scams and overcharging

Readers who have been with What Investment since its launch over thirty years ago regularly tell us that their subscription is one of the best investments they have ever made.

What our subscribers have to say:

‘What Investment always seems to add another bit of knowledge every month. The fact that they’re independent also means a lot to me as I can rely on the data to help me make the right decisions and keep my portfolio earning me money’

Robin Gregory

‘I am very impressed with your magazine and have followed its investment guidance when operating my SIPP. I am pleased to say that in 18 months, I have managed to add some ¬£30,000 in value to my pension pot as a result of What Investment’s articles’

Stuart Monkcom


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