What Investment September 2017


What Investment is committed to exploring the best opportunities in the investment trust market. Investment Trusts are covered in every edition of the magazine, and in alternate months we delve into the best opportunities in our special investment trust section. Readers who have been with What Investment since its launch over thirty years ago regularly tell us that their subscription is one of the best investments they have ever made.

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What Investment September 2017


Cover Story: Cryptocurrency: Boom or bust?

What Investment asks whether investors should be attracted or repelled by the volatile nature of cryptocurrency


A global player

Jupiter smaller companies fund manager James Zimmerman explains how investments in enterprises that generate non-sterling revenues and profits have boosted his fund


One of the crowd

Research shows that investors are putting more money than ever into crowdfunded businesses. But does the sector really offer attractive returns?


House party or house of cards?

We investigate whether stagnation in parts of the property market is enough to counter the effects of the UK’s chronic housing shortage


Special section: Investing in Technology

In this month’s special section, we look at the rise of Asia’s ‘STAT’ stocks, leading fund managers provide their top tips on investing in the tech sector and we discuss the best funds to offer diversity in these uncertain political times.


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